Terms and conditions for Equipment Rental

Before you borrow our stuff, please read these terms carefully.

1) Anti-theft and damage protection – refundable deposit
Each leased item has its own refundable deposit which is set at ca 25% of the estimated value. This money is meant to be a protection against stolen or damaged items. The particular amounts are published among every item’s detailed description in our catalogue. The deposit will be paid back in case of a trouble-free return of the item in time it should be returned.
If the item is damaged or not returned, the lessor has rights to keep 100 % of the deposit. In case of damaged item, the lessor consider the tenant‘s fault and sets the percentage of the deposit that will be used to buy new item. The tenant may compensate the damage by repairing the item or by providing the same & new thing.

2) Price
The price is liseted in every item separately (visible in the catalogue) and the contribution covers the costs of reproducing things, running our office, contributing to our other activities, additional costs, and creating a reserve. Any profit is put back into the development of our activities. The founders of the project are not paid for setting up the Library of Things, their contribution is voluntary and will always be. All your money is wisely put back into the project and its dissemination. Thank you for your support!

3) Borrowing period
The rental period is standardly a week. The tenant has the option to extend the borrowed item for the next week by sending an e-mail to kolektiv@libraryofthings.cz at least 24 hours before the end of the borrowing period. The recipient of the email may or may not agree to extend the loan period as there might be other bookings. The extension of the borrowing period is valid only after written approval from the Library of Things email address and some additional price will be charged.
Rented item can only be returned during the lessor’s opening hours or during a workshop program – at no other time (unless the two parties agree otherwise). It is responsibility of the tenant to check it, if he / she makes a misstake and does not communicate, the lessor can act according to point 4).

4) Penalties for the non-returned items or delays
If the rental period exceeds seven calendar days and the lessor was not notified of this fact in advance, we are forced to take steps towards a sanction. The penalty rate is CZK 50 for each day.
In case of theft or very big delay of returning of the item, the lessor may contact the criminal prosecution service and go to court for theft and/or misappropriation.

5) Declaration
Under this tenancy agreement, the tenant declares that he / she will only use the borrowed item for typical acts for the lent item and also that he / she will not use the item against generally known customs. At the same time, he / she claims to have been instructed about the priciples of the item usage, its state/conditions and health protection important while using it. In case of an accident or other complication caused by the item and leading to health problems, injuries or material damage, the tenant takes all the responsibility and acts at his / her own risk. Therefore the tenant will not claim any compensation from the lessor (nor go to a judge for any reason listed above).

6) Check during and after borrowing
Both parties declare they checked together the item’s state/conditions and if it’s working well before handing it over.
The lessor controls the amount of agreed payment and the deposit for the rented item. When the item is returned, Library of Things representant checks the new state of the item in front of the tenant (controls if the item is returned fully functioning and with no damage) and whether the item was returned on time. Any problems must be reported in advance. If the lessor reveals a concealed fact, the deposit is not refunded.

7) Recorded handover and a story
When the item is handed over back to the lessor, this act is recorded and upon the return the tenant tells us what he / she experienced with the thing, how it helped and how it was treated, etc. Library of Things will monitor the stories anonymously and use them to make statistics and maps where things appeared what curious moments they experienced. The tenant agrees to saying the story by signing the rental agreement. The story may (but may not) be accompanied by photos of the particular activity. Library of Things will be very grateful.

8) Responsability for delays in returning the item
The lessor is not responsible for the unreliable tenants who get delayed with the return of the item and therefore does not take the responsibility for consequences on the subsequent reservations. We will do our best to ensure smooth items returning, but we are not omnipotent and therefore cannot vouch for unreliable tenants.

9) Personal data processing
Library of Things processes personal data of its customers. All the necessarily collected information is collected based on the legal grounds. Other information is provided voluntarily and further processing is only when a consent is signed during the registration process. Personal data is stored electronically and in a paper form according to the current law in the Czech Republic and the EU. The data is fully protected against any breach or misuse. No information is provided to any third party.

10) What do we like?
Friendly and fair dealing always pays off. We look forward to seeing responsible and nice people! 🙂